Malta Team is Trained in Infrared Thermography to Improve Quality Control

FLIR E53 Infrared Camera

A group of 9 Engineering and Maintenance Associates from Crane Currency Malta have successfully completed a full week Category 1 Infrared Thermography course from the Infrared Training Centre, Stockholm, Sweden.

The course was administered locally by Ing. Renzo Curmi who is a Category 3 Infrared Instructor; the course participants went through various topics including thermal science, heat transfer principles, radiation energy exchange, thermal image interpretation and analysis techniques including practical sessions on real case scenarios at the Malta plant.

Following completion of the course and award of certificates, Ing Paul Fenech, Engineering Manager at Crane Currency Malta commented:

“It is important that we are building internal competence in Thermal imaging interpretation as part of Condition Monitoring; this will not only permit us to maximise our investment in the FLIR E53 camera but will empower our Technicians to discover anomalies normally unseen in the visible spectrum whilst taking the necessary planned countermeasures before equipment fails;  Infrared Thermography today forms an integral part of TPM Kaizen events at Crane Currency Malta.”

From Left to right : Silvio Borg (Print technician), Jason Vella (Plant technician), Charles Attard (Print technician), Paul Fenech( Engineering Manager), Renzo Curmi ( Course tutor), Omar Callus (Finishing technician); Ryan Calleja (Finishing technician), Kevin Fava ( Maintenance Shift Manager), Jonathan Briffa (Maintenance Shift Manager), Dennis Zammit (Maintenance Shift Manager).